Running the Installer

When you run the installer, the following options are available:

Installing Release Control

To install Release Control:

  1. Run the installer on the server or servers that host the following SBM components:
    • SBM Application Engine
    • SBM Application Repository
    • SBM Common Services
    Note: If these SBM components are installed separately, you must run the installer on each server.
    The "Welcome to the Install Wizard" message appears. Click Next to continue.
  2. Accept the license agreement. Click Next to continue.
  3. Choose the installation directory. This directory temporarily stores files before they are copied into the appropriate folders inside the SBM installation directory for use by the SBM Server.

    This directory also has the following subdirectories:

    • rlc_lib_backup: Upon upgrade, the installation stores a backup of the Release Control web application lib folder. All the plugins that were installed in the earlier release are stored here.
    • Plugins: This directory has all supported versions of the provided plugin jar files.

    Click Next to continue.


    The directory defaults to Program Files\Micro Focus.

  4. The installer detects which SBM components are currently installed on the server. A message appears if any of the required SBM components are not detected on the server. Click Install to proceed.
  5. Allow the install to complete, and then click Configure to launch SBM Configurator. For details, see Applying Required Settings.