Copying Release Trains

To ease the release train setup process, you can create a release train and copy it to create new release trains, modifying the information as needed for the new trains. If you plan to use more than one type of release train, consider setting up a standard release train of each type that you plan to use so that release managers can then copy them and complete their configuration more quickly.

Information that you may want to set up ahead of time so that it can be copied to various release trains includes:

  • Release manager and release engineers
  • Gate exit criteria
  • Release approval levels and approvers
  • Milestones

During a release train copy, release managers select new start and end dates. Dates for stage gates and milestones automatically adjust relative to the new train stage dates. Dates can be adjusted manually as needed.

To copy a release train, select the Make a copy link located on the More drop-down list on a release train.

Note: The release train copy does not copy the associated objects, such as release packages. These must be added to the newly copied trains.

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