Adding Timelines to the Dashboard

You can create as many timelines as needed and they can pull data from any SBM report. Since you can reference the timeline with a URL you can easily embed them on any dashboard or form.

You can add timelines under the Dashboard entry, where you can add the widget and reference the URL of a timeline.

To add a timeline to the dashboard:

  1. Expand the Release Dashboard section and select the dashboard where you want to display the timeline.
  2. Click the Add Widget button at the upper right of the page.
  3. Select the URL option.
  4. In the URL field, enter or paste your timeline's URL.
    Tip: To get the URL, in Timeline Manager, click the Copy link to clipboard button (image).
  5. Click Next and give your widget a title and height.
  6. Click Finish.
Tip: You can also add the widget to forms in SBM Composer by using the Web Page widget. For information on using that widget, see the SBM Composer documentation.