Troubleshooting Privilege Issues

Errors in Release Control often mean privileges are not assigned properly.

The following are common symptoms of missing privileges:

Deployment Log By Release Package Task Collection ID Report Redirects To Template Error

If you encounter an error where the deployment log reports redirect to an error, refer Troubleshooting the Deployment Path, "Required Privileges" and Creating Groups and Assigning Roles and Privileges.

Other Privilege Issues

If you have access to some things but not to others that you should have, if you can't see an action or button that should be available to you, or you can't do an activity that you should be able to do, such as deploy or approve to deployment, your user ID may not be picking up the correct privileges from the groups or roles to which it belongs.

See Creating Groups and Assigning Roles and Privileges.

If you have added custom objects and tables that require other privileges, you must set these according to the SBM documentation.

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