Executing Manual Tasks

If you are using the sample manual deployment task process app and the default Release Control implementation, manual deployment tasks appear in the task executions list after they are submitted.

To execute manual tasks:

  1. Deploy the release package or deployable release train that have the deployment tasks that will submit or transition the manual task. When the manual task is submitted or transitioned, the deployment task is set to In Progress and the manual task is set to Pending.
  2. In the task executions list, click the name of the manual task to enter any notes and progress it through its workflow to completion.
    Tip: If deployment units are associated with the manual deployment task, you can view them in the Deployment Units tab of the task.

If the manual task fails or needs information added after you have already begun the deployment process, you cannot immediately edit the task. You must first move the release package or deployable release train through the workflow to a state that allows task edit. If the manual task is part of a child release package, the parent must be moved to the state that allows task edit.

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