Configuring Deployment

Typical deployment tasks include configuring virtual images, creating and populating databases, and deploying release artifacts associated through deployment units.

The following figure shows how deployment tasks and their associated deployment units are deployed when a deployable release train or release package is promoted to deployment path environments.


  1. The numbers indicate the sequencing of tasks.
  2. Tasks with the same number are initiated at the same time.
  3. You can define scheduling options for deployment tasks. See Scheduling Deployment Tasks.
  4. You can require approval into environments upon deployment. See Approving Deployment.
  5. You can add environments to environment groups, which enable task executions to be initiated for a group of environments simultaneously. See Parallel Deployment.
  6. Maintenance or other tasks may be scheduled for the environments. See Scheduling into Environments.

For details on configuring deployment, see the following topics.