Configuring Release Control

You must configure Release Control to complete the installation.

To configure Release Control:

  1. In SBM Configurator, click the Release Control tab. Read through the steps required to complete the configuration. The link to Release Control Administration is included, which you will use when you configure the plugins.
  2. Click Apply to apply the solution files to SBM. This stops the services, updates various configuration files on the server, and prepares the system for use.
  3. Click Close to close SBM Configurator, which forces it to start all necessary services.
  4. Give the services time to restart, and then log in to Work Center using the following URL, where serverName is your server name or IP number.
    Tip: You can use http://localhost/workcenter if you are opening Work Center on the server that is hosting the application environment.
    Important: Launching Work Center immediately after clicking Apply and closing SBM Configurator is an important part of the installation process. This enables SBM Application Engine to import the new framework files.

Continue with Importing Release Control.