Subscribing Users to Notifications

Notifications "push" information about release changes and approvals to your users. Each process app contains a set of notifications that you can choose to always send to users or that they can choose to subscribe to.

For example, users can receive email notifications when they need to approve a release train or when a release package has been created.

Users can also use the Notifications view to search for and view notifications.

You can manage your Release Control notifications in SBM Application Administrator. From the Administrator portal, select the Notifications icon, and then navigate the list of notifications for each process app. For easier long-term maintenance, use the groups you created in Creating Groups and Assigning Roles and Privileges to set subscriptions rather than setting them for individual users.

For more information about notifications, see the SBM Application Administrator Guide located on the Documentation Center.

Working With Approval Notifications

Users subscribed to the following notifications can approve or reject directly from the notification email:

  • I have an approval waiting

    Sent to approvers for release approvals. Notifications are generated for the appropriate transitions. For example, when a release approval moves to the third level of approval, third-level approvers receive a notification.

  • Milestone needs my approval

    Sent to approvers one day before milestones are due, and continually sent every day until the milestone is approved or rejected.

  • Exit criteria needs my approval

    Sent to planning, development, and QA exit criteria owners as release trains enter those stages. Follow-up notifications are sent once a week until the exit criteria is approved or rejected.

These notifications use the RLC_approval.htm email template and contain the "approve" and "reject" email response conditions. These properties are defined for each notification in SBM Application Administrator.