General Troubleshooting Tips

Following are ways to get started troubleshooting Release Control.

Search the documentation for your issue

Several issues are listed in this documentation and in the Release Notes. Search the Documentation Center using keywords and drill down to search specific documents to help resolve your issue.

Search the KB for your issue

If you cannot find your issue mentioned by searching the documentation set, try searching the Knowledgebase.

View the Release Control log file

If you cannot determine the cause of a failure, you can view the rlc.log file to see more information.

To view the log file:

  1. Navigate to the SBM server log file location. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\logs

  2. Open the rlc.log file.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and then page up, looking for any error messages.

Are there recent system changes?

Try to think of recent system changes that may be causing issues.

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