Promoting Release Package Again

After you have generated the views, promote the Release Package snapshot again to create the required deployment path log reports.

To promote with reports:

  1. In SBM Application Repository, promote just the Release Package snapshot using the same settings you used in Promoting the Snapshots.
  2. Verify that the last Release Package snapshot promotion finished with no errors or unexpected warnings by viewing the promotion in the Activities page. For example, an error similar to the following may appear:

    WARN -- UNEXPECTED WARNING: Invalid Table, 1ce2af10-190f-11e5-b939-0800200c9a66, specified for Report "RLC Deployment Log for Release Package", e9818ab0-35ca-4d67-a58a-93058b8979ec Context: Object type 'Report', name 'RLC Deployment Log for Release Package', UUID 'e9818ab0-35ca-4d67-a58a-93058b8979ec'

    If an error occurred, see Troubleshooting.

Important: Continue to Post-Installation Tasks. The installation is not yet complete at this point.

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