Troubleshooting Deployments

See the following if you have trouble with your deployment for help with resolving and continuing the deployment.

A deployment request is stuck in "In Progress"

If a deployment request is stuck in the "In Progress" status, it usually means that it is waiting for an action from someone or a response from the integrating product. The provider now allows for provider polling in several of the plugins. See the documentation for your plugin for information on how to use this feature.

To progress the request, try resolving whatever is holding it up. Some common things you need to do to are as follows:

A deployment request failed but you can't edit it

If a deployment requests fails and you want to edit the deployment tasks to fix an issue, you must first progress the release package or deployable release train to which it belongs back to a state that allows edit.

A deployment request failed in a child release package or a release package under a deployable release train and you can't edit it

If the deployment task is part of a child release package you must progress the parent release package or deployable release train to which it belongs back to a state that allows edit.

The highest level in the hierarchy controls the process.

A manual deployment request failed and you can't tell why

If you are using the default implementation, manual deployment tasks have a required field, RLM_TASK_OWNER, that is required. It is an extended field, and therefore isn't marked as required in the form. If the submitted item has no owner, the task fails.

Viewing the Release Control log file

If you cannot determine the cause of a failure, you can view the rlc.log file to see more information.

To view the log file:

  1. Navigate to the SBM server log file location. For example:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Common\Tomcat 7.0\server\default\logs

  2. Open the rlc.log file.
  3. Scroll to the bottom and then page up, looking for any error messages.

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