Linking Release Packages to Release Trains

You can add standalone and parent release packages to release trains.

A Typical Release Control Flow Using Deployable Release Trains describes one approach for when to add standalone release packages and when to add parent release packages to a release train at different points the release lifecycle. Your use of release trains may be different.


To add a release package to a release train:

  1. Open the release train to which you want to add a release package.
  2. In the Overview tab, select Link Release Package.
  3. Find and select the release package that you want to add to this release train.
  4. Click OK.

    The Overview tab now shows the release package in a list along with any child release packages for parents.

Note: You can link a release package only from the release train. However, you can unlink it from either the release package or the release train.
If a release package is linked to a release train, you cannot make that release package a child of another release package.

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