Approving Deployment

When deployment is initiated into an environment or environment group that requires approvals, an environment approval item is generated based on pre-defined environment approval rules. If multiple rules match an approval, a single approval item is created with the super set of approvers. Once the approval item is created, approvers must take action on the item.

Rules for a specific environment in an environment group are used only if that environment is selected during deployment to that group.

Note: This approval is in Release Control only and does not interact with or affect approvals done in ChangeMan ZMF and Deployment Automation.

To approve deployment into an environment:

  1. In a deployable release train or release package that requires approval (is in the Environment Approval state), select the Approvals tab.
  2. In the Actions column, click the lightening icon and select the approval action from the list. Actions are:
    • Approve
    • Override
    • Reject
    • Update
    • Delete
    Depending on the action taken by approvers for each approval level, the deployment either continues in the target environment or fails according to the rules defined for that environment.

If there is no applicable approval rule at the QA Complete transition or you need to change approval details, you can generate a new approval item.

To generate a new environment approval item:

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