Troubleshooting Form Display Issues

If you notice form display issues, one of the following may be the problem.

Top of Form More Narrow than the Remaining Form

The edit request form may not display well when you use custom columns. For example, if you include Description and there is a very long name or the list portion of the screen may extend to be wider than the top of the form.

To fix this, do the following:

  1. In Windows Explorer, edit the following file:

    ..\Program Files\Serena\SBM\Application Engine\bin\solutions\sbmsol\javascript\sbmsol-util-1.1.js

  2. Find the SBMSOL.FormUtil section and change DefaultFormWidth to be 100% as follows:

    DefaultFormWidth:"100", //allowed 800, 1200, 100 // note(800 and 1200 is pixels, 100 is percent)

    By default, it is set to 1200.