General Fields

Following are the general custom column fields, which are common across providers:


For provider-specific fields for custom columns, see the plugin documentation on the Documentation Center.

General Fields for View Widgets Only

Some of the general fields can be shown only in the request and deployment unit view widgets, because they are populated on the Release Control side rather than on the provider side. If you use these fields in the request or deployment unit add widget, you should create a separate RLC Custom Column table entry for the add widget rather than sharing the column entry for the view and add widgets; otherwise, these fields will be empty. These fields are as follows:

artifact_id                       request_id
provider_instance_uuid            provider_instance_name
syncattempteddatetimestring       syncsucceededdatetimestring
syncmessage                       syncstatus					  

Synchronization Fields for Reload Data Transitions

Synchronization data appears in the columns for a request or deployment unit widget only if Reload Request Data or Reload Deployment Unit Data transitions are executed. (By default, this is done in release packages on the Requests or Deployment Unit tabs, respectively.) The sync fields are populated as follows:
  • syncattempteddatetimestring: shows the last time a reload was done
  • syncmessage: if the reload failed, shows the error received from the provider
  • syncstatus: either FAILED or SUCCEEDED
  • syncsucceededdatetimestring: shows the last time a reload was successful

For information on the reload transitions, see Reloading Request Data and Reloading Deployment Unit Data.

Aliases for Similar Provider-Specific Fields

Aliases are a type of general field that should be used if you are using multiple providers for deployment units or requests. Alias fields should be used instead of the related provider-specific field to avoid having the same type of data appear in separate columns. Following are the aliases and the provider-specific fields that they include.

createdBy (ZMF/SDA component version creator, SDA snapshot user, 
           Dimensions CM originator, SBM Request createdBy) 
createdOn (ZMF create date, SDA created, Dimensions CM creationDate, 
           SBM Request createdDate) 
updatedBy (Dimensions CM lastUpdatedBy, SBM request modifiedBy) 
updatedOn (Dimensions CM updateDate, SBM request modifiedDate)

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