Pinning the Release Ctrl Application Group

The Release Control installation adds the Release Ctrl application group to Serena Work Center. The application group organizes the process apps in the solution and gives users easy access to the Release Dashboard, Timelines, and Activity and Calendar views.

Privileges determine what users can view when they select the Release Ctrl application group. For example, a user may select the default "My Trains" view, but data will not be returned if the user does not have privileges to own release trains.

You should instruct users who will participate in Release Control to "pin" the Release Ctrl application group in the user interface (http://serverName/workcenter).

While all applications are included in the Release Ctrl application group, only the following applications are listed in the navigation pane for Release Control:

Important: Although SBM administrators can hide applications in custom application groups, these changes are ignored for the Release Ctrl application group.