Implementation Details

The Request and Deployment Unit Collection widgets are included in the Release Package application. Parameters in these widgets designate the columns to display. There are separate parameters for the view and add dialogs, so that you can enter different columns based on the context.

The parameters for the widgets are mapped to sub-relational fields based on items in the RLC Custom Columns auxiliary table. You can update the items in the table to add or remove built-in fields, and this controls which columns are displayed. This changes the columns across multiple transition and state forms and does not require a redeploy of the Release Package process app.

The following relational fields are in the Release Package application. The default Release Packages project sets these relational field values on the Submit transition.

These relational fields each have sub-relational fields that reference the internal and display name fields in the auxiliary item. The sub-relational fields are mapped to the custom columns parameters in each of the widgets.

Several built-in fields can be used as internal names in the RLC Custom Column table items that you use for deployment unit and request widgets. These include the following types of fields:

Using the table items and built-in fields, you can update the column information as needed for your implementation.