Dimensions CM Videos

What's New in CM 14.2?

Runtime: 5:10

14.2: Pulse Expert Chains

Runtime: 4:30

14.1: Overview

Runtime: 4:10

14.1: Introduction to Changesets

Runtime: 3:23

14.1: Introduction to Peer Review

Dimensions CM 14.1

Runtime: 4:11

14.1: Introduction to the Annotation View

Runtime: 2:30

14.1: Introduction to Merging

Runtime: 3:20

14.1: Merging Changes between Streams

Runtime: 3:40

14.1: Using TortoiseSVN with Dimensions CM

Runtime: 3:40

14.1: Using a Subversion command line client with Dimensions CM

Runtime: 3:10

14.1: Using Apple Xcode with Dimensions CM

Runtime: 3:20

14.1: Merging Path and Content Conflicts between Streams

Runtime: 4:20

14.1: Merging Refactoring Changes between Streams

Runtime: 4:30

Essentials (pre-14.x): Overview

Dimensions CM overview

Runtime: 9:30

Essentials (pre-14.x): Navigating the Desktop Client

Navigating the desktop client

Runtime: 12:30

Essentials (pre-14.x): Opening a Stream

Opening a stream

Runtime: 5:10

Essentials (pre-14.x): Updating a Work Area from a Stream

Update from stream

Runtime: 10:00

Essentials (pre-14.x): Using the Windows Explorer Integration

Windows Explorer integration

Runtime: 8:40

Essentials (pre-14.x): Viewing Work Area and Repository Changes

Viewing work area and repository changes

Runtime: 2:40

Essentials (pre-14.x): Delivering Changes from a Work Area to a Stream

Delivering Changes from a Work Area to a Stream

Runtime: 11:20

Essentials (pre-14.x): Working with Items Part 1

Working with Items Part 1

Runtime: 10:40

Essentials (pre-14.x): Working with Items Part 2

Working with Items Part 2

Runtime: 8:40

Essentials (pre-14.x): Comparing Files

Comparing Files

Runtime: 3:50

Essentials (pre-14.x): Creating Streams

Creating Streams

Runtime: 5:30

Essentials (pre-14.x): Resolving Conflicts

Resolving Conflicts

Runtime: 11:00

Essentials (pre-14.x): Using Streams in Visual Studio

Using Streams in Visual Studio

Runtime: 7:40

Essentials (pre-14.x): Using Streams in Eclipse

Using Streams in Eclipse

Runtime: 8:40

Parallel Development (pre-14.x): Overview

Parallel Development: Overview

Runtime: 4:00

Parallel Development (pre-14.x): Using Multiple Teams and Streams

Parallel Development demonstration

Runtime: 19:20

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