Comparing Item Revisions and Files


Compare item revisions and files to view the differences between them without merging their content.

Once you have specified details for the new item revision, Dimensions CM invokes either the Serena Merge Tool or, in the case of UNIX platforms, the mgdiff tool, to enable you to view the differences between the items or files.

PRIVILEGES  Browse Item.

To compare item revisions:

  1. In an Items list, select the item revision or revisions you want to compare. Click the Expand Revisions button if you cannot see the revision you require.

  2. Select Item | Compare.

  3. Do one of the following:

  4. Click OK. This will take you into the merge tool.

  5. Follow the instructions in the online help for the Serena Merge Tool, or see Using the Serena Merge Tool in the Serena┬« Dimensions┬« CM User's Guide for more details.

To compare item revisions using the History dialog box:

  1. Select an item and select Item | History.

  2. To compare an item revision with its previous revision:

  3. TIP  If the Created from Rev column is not displayed, right-click a column heading and select Created From Rev.

    Right-click the row containing the revision and select Compare with <created from revision>. This will take you directly to the merge tool to compare the two revisions.

    NOTE  If you right-click a row where Revision and Created from Rev are the same, you will only see the option Compare with...

  4. To compare an item revision with another revision or file:

a    Right-click the row containing that revision in the Revision column, and select Compare with...

b    The Compare Items dialog box is displayed for the selected revision. See To compare item revisions above.

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