Updating a Work Area from Requests

You can update a work area with changes from requests. The operation is similar to updating a work area from a stream.


To update your work area from requests:

  1. In the desktop client, set your current stream and associated work area to the required stream and area. See Opening Projects and Setting Defaults.

  2. Select the requests that you want to use to update your work area, right-click, and select Update. The Update Work Area from Request wizard opens.

  3. The Update changes from this stream box displays the name of the stream from which you invoked the update.

  4. The Update changes from the request(s) box displays the selected change requests. To add change requests enter their IDs, separated with a comma. To specify different change requests click Select and use the Request Selection wizard to specify a product and change requests.

  5. NOTE  The requests that you specify must contain changes delivered to the same stream.

  6. The Update this work area box displays the work area that will be updated. To change the work area enter its path or click Select and choose an area.

  7. To interactively (manually) verify the results of any file merge operation before applying them to the work area, select Perform an interactive update.

  8. To include item revisions related to child requests, select Also include items related to child requests.

  9. Continue from step 6 Click Advanced..

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