Relationships Tab

Use the Relationships tab of the Find dialog box to limit a search by specifying object relationships. You can search for objects based on their relationships with items, requests, or design parts. For example, you can search for all items that are related to a particular request.

Relationships Tab



Rules and Guidelines

Object Type

For each object type for which you want to search based on a relation ship, select the row and complete the details for the Relationship Information and a Related Specification below. The selected object and search criteria will then appear in the row for this class of object.

Select Request, Item, Design Part, Secondary Request, or Baseline.


Relationship Information

Select Related, Not Related, or Ignored.

The search will be based on whether the object is related or not related to the selected object in the specified Related Specification field below

Related Specification

Type the specification of an object for which you want to specify a relationship type, or click the Browse button to find an object.



Select a relationship type.

Relationship types depend on the type of object you are searching for.


Select a relationship direction.


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