Assigning Deployment Areas


Assign a deployment area to a project or stream when you want to copy the item files to that area when the item revisions have reached the corresponding stage in the GSL.

You can optionally assign an area as a default area, in which case the files are automatically deployed when the item revisions are promoted to the stage.

Note that an area can be assigned a filter that determines which files are deployed to that area. This is defined in the Administration Console under Area Definitions and assigned to an area (for details, see the Process Configuration Guide). Each area can have only one of these filters. There is also a default Audit filter that is specified when the area is assigned to a project at a given stage. This is the default filter used when performing an Audit, but you can choose a different one (for details, see Auditing a Dimensions Project/Stream.)

NOTE  When changing an area filter against an area, any previous deployments to that area which may have been filtered out cannot be redeployed from the deployment view. The recommended way to reset an area to reflect the new filter is to run an AUDIT with the FIX parameter against the area. This should add any missing files and remove any extra files based on the area filter change

Assign Deployment Areas to Project/Stream

To assign a deployment area to a project/stream:

  1. In the My Current Project/Stream window, right-click the Deployment Areas node and select Assign area to project/stream.

  2. The Assign an Area to the Current Project/Stream dialog box appears.

  3. Select the area from the Area list.

  4. Select a Filter from the list for the audit filter to be used, or leave this as Default to use the default filter for the area. These filters are defined in the Administration Console | Area Definitions | Filters.

  5. CAUTION!  Audit and area filters can easily be confused. For information see Correct Use of Area and Audit Filters in the Area Definitions chapter in the Process Configuration Guide.

  6. Optionally, enter the path relative to this area that you want to use as the root folder for the project/stream in the Folder offset field.

  7. Select Deploy by default if you want files to automatically be deployed to this area when the item revisions are promoted or demoted to this stage.

  8. Enter a Sequence order if you want deployments to this area to occur in a particular order relative to other deployment areas when there is more than one deployment area for this project/stream. If you have no preferences, leave this as default.See "Setting a Deployment Sequence" on page 14 for the rules for deployment sequences.

  9. If you want the appropriate item files to be copied to the area as soon as the project/stream has been assigned, select Populate area with project contents.

  10. Click OK.

To deassign a deployment area from a project/stream:

  1. In the My Current Project/Stream window, expand the Deployment Areas node.

  2. Expand the Stage node for the deployment area, right-click the area, and select Deassign area from project/stream.

  3. If you want the item files to remain in the location after the assignment is removed, select Remove files deployed from this project/stream

  4. Click Yes.