Accessing the Deployment View from the Desktop Client

You can launch the web client from the desktop client by selecting Deployment views in various contexts. You can also do this from some of the History dialogs by clicking the Deployment History button. This displays the Deployment tab with the History tab showing related deployment/build events.

To view deployment events for the current project or stream:

Select Deployment views from the Tools menu.

To view deployment events for areas:

  1. On the My Current Projects/Streams tab, in the navigation pane, expand the Deployment Areas node.

  2. To view deployment events for a deployment stage, right-click the Stage node and select Deployment views. This will display the web client Deployment tab showing history events for that stage

  3. To view deployment events for a specific deployment area, expand the Stage node, right-click the area, and select Deployment views.

To view deployment events for an item, request, or baseline:

In the History dialog box for one of the following:

Click the Deployment History button.