This chapter describes how to carry out deployment-related functions in the web client and the desktop client. This chapter describes:

In the desktop client you can promote or demote items, requests, and baselines, but in order to deploy or roll back, and to manage deployment events, you need to do this from the Deployment view in the web client.

Deployment areas are defined in the Administration Console. For details, see Area Definitions in the online help or Process Configuration Guide.

You can change the GSL and add or remove stages. For details see Editing the Global Stage Lifecycle in the online help or Process Configuration Guide.

You can choose to have lifecycle states for an object type associated with stages in the GSL. This means that when items, requests, or baselines are actioned to a state associated with a deployment stage, the objects will also be promoted to that stage. If the stage has areas assigned as Deploy by default, the items will also automatically be deployed to those areas. This association is made using the Object type Definitions | Lifecycles application in the State Properties dialog box. For details see How to set the State Properties for an Object Type in the online help or Process Configuration Guide.

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