Customizing the Starting of the Desktop Client


Customize the starting of the desktop client when you want to configure the Windows launch icon Desktop Client, which starts up the desktop client to pre-load connection choices and perform Dimensions CM commands.

PRIVILEGES  No special privileges required.

NOTE  The desktop client can be configured to run a command on startup but cannot be configured to open up a particular project.

To customize the starting of the desktop client:

  1. Locate the Desktop Client icon created by the installation process. This is normally in the Start menu.

  2. If the Desktop Client icon is not in the Start menu:

    a    Right-click on the Start button and select Open.

    b    In the Start Menu window, double-click the Programs icon.

    c     In the Programs window, locate the Desktop Client icon in the Dimensions CM program group.

    NOTE  In order to modify this it is strongly advisable to create a shortcut for the customized version, and modify the shortcut, not the original PCWIN.EXE. Never change the original properties.

  3. Create a shortcut to the desktop client by dragging this icon on to the Windows desktop.

  4. Right-click on this icon and select Properties.

  5. Select the Shortcut tab.

  6. The Target field will read something like:

    C:\Program Files\Serena\Dimensions 10.1\CM\prog\pcwin.exe

    (the actual entry will depend on the DM_ROOT choice you made during installation).

  7. Edit the Target field to customize how the desktop client is launched. You can edit the Target field to specify:


Remove client persistency data from the Registry, so resetting to defaults.

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