Changing the Menus and Toolbar

Change the menus and/or toolbar when you want to change what appears on the pulldown menus, the right mouse button popup menus, or the toolbar. You can customize what appears, the order of the items, and where they appear.

PRIVILEGES  No special privileges required.

To access the Menus/Toolbar tab:

Select Tools | Customize Menus and Toolbar.

To customize the menus or toolbar:

  1. On the Menus/Toolbar tab, choose the UI profile for which you want to view the available menus from the View as if this UI profile were active list. If there is only one UI profile this option is grayed out. The options available depend on what your administrator has set up for your user or group.The left-hand side of the Menus/Toolbar tab will contain the entries for this menu set in a tree structure.

  2. Do one of the following:

  3. Expand the entry for the menu or toolbar that you want to customize. If you want to customize a submenu, expand the corresponding subitem in the tree.

  4. Carry out each customization of the menu/submenu as described below.

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