About Keywords and Filters for Custom Tools

The commands and parameters used with a custom tool may include variable information which is supplied by the desktop client at the time the tool is invoked. This can consist of two components, a keyword, which returns some value or name of an object in the desktop client, and optionally, a filter keyword, which specifies some part of this information.

Using the side_button.gif button beside the fields in the Tools tab enables you to select valid entries and inserts the correct syntax.

A keyword is specified by preceding it with a "$" and optionally a filter keyword, and enclosing it in "(" and ")" brackets.

For example:


returns the drive portion of the project/stream root directory


returns the path of the project/stream root directory.

If the keyword is a column, or set of columns, it is specified by enclosing it in "[" and "]" brackets and separating the column names with commas.

For example:


returns the values from the Description and Status columns for each row in an Item view.

The keywords and filter names are case-sensitive (but not column names). If a keyword cannot be evaluated, or is inapplicable at the time the tool is invoked, it will evaluate to null (""). Some keywords only apply when a particular view is open in the desktop client. For example, the projectFolder keyword can only be evaluated from a project/stream structure view.

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