Opening Request Lists


Use this operation to open a request list.

To open a list based on selection criteria:

  1. Select File | Open | All Requests.

  2. The Open Request dialog opens.

  3. On the Request Lists tab, for Product, select an product.

  4. For Type, select a request type.

  5. Select one of the following:

  6. NOTE  In the secondary catalog view, you can only see related requests if those requests are also themselves in the secondary catalog.

  7. To filter the list that you have selected, click the request Filter tab. For request ID, type a filter string consisting of a Request ID containing a "%" as a wildcard character.

  8. You can also enter a set of request IDs as a comma-separated list.

  9. Click thechange_doc_filter_button.gif button. The requests that match the filter string are displayed.

  10. To open only a subset of the filtered requests list, select IDs from the list. To deselect any requests that you have selected, click the Reset Selection button.

  11. Click the OK button.

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