Editing the Attributes of a Request


Edit request attributes to set or change attribute values.

PRIVILEGES  Update Request

In addition, the attribute update rules defined in the process model determine which attributes you can edit.

The request must be owned by your site.

NOTE  When you edit an attribute that is sensitive, thus requiring an electronic signature, you will be presented with an Authentication Point dialog box. In this case, enter your Dimensions CM password and click OK.

To edit request attributes:

NOTE  The behavior when editing multi-valued attributes for multiple requests depends on the setting of the variable DM_DISABLE_MULTIPLE_EDIT_ATTRS. See the System Administration Guide for details.

  1. In a catalog list, select a request.

  2. Select Request | Edit | Attributes.

  3. On the Attributes tab, type or select values. Attributes in bold are required in order to action the request. Attributes in italics cannot be modified.

  4. Click the OK button.

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