Editing a Request Attachment List


Use this operation to edit the list of files attached to a request.

PRIVILEGES  Update Request Attachments

The request must be owned by your site.

 To edit a request attachment list:

  1. In a request list, select a request.

  2. Select Request | Edit | Attachment List.

  3. To change the description of an attachment, double-click its Description field and type the new description.

  4. To remove an attachment, select its row and click the Remove button.

  5. To add a new attachment, do one of the following:

  6.       Type the filename.

          Click the Browse button:Browse_button00004.gif and select the file.

    Add a description for the attachment. If you do not add a description, Dimensions adds the following default text: Attachment created <date> by <user ID>

  7. Click the OK button.

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