About Requests

A request in Serena┬« Dimensions┬« CM represents a change request made against a product or part of a product. It may capture a defect, enhancement, or other work that needs to be completed on items that belong to the product.

Dimensions CM can be configured to use requests, or issues or defects as they may be called, from another IDM (Issue Defect Management) tool external to Dimensions CM. These issues can then be used to relate to item revisions in order to track changes. See About Item Relationships for further details. This chapter describes Dimensions CM internal requests and how to use the features available for them.

You can use requests to plan, track, authorize, and control all work on the product.

For each type of request, the process model includes:

In the web client and desktop client you can perform the following change management tasks:

NOTE  You can also merge the changes associated with a request into a stream, for details see Merging Changes across Streams.