Merge Baseline Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to merge two or more baselines into a new baseline.

Use the General tab to identify the baselines to merge.

See Attributes Tab/Page for how to view and change the user-defined attributes of a baseline.

General Tab



Rules and Guidelines


Type the specification of the baselines you want to merge, or click the Browse button to find them.

Use commas to separate baseline IDs in the list.

Baseline IDs have the following format:



Select the product associated with this baseline.

The default is the project/stream product.

Baseline ID

Type a unique name or label for the baseline.

This name must be unique within the product.


Select a baseline type.

The default is the type of the selected baseline.

Baseline types are defined in the Administration Console. For more information, see the Process Configuration Guide.

If user-defined attributes exist for the selected type, use the Attributes tab to view and change these entries.

Parent design part specification

Type the top-level design part to include in the new baseline, or click the Browse button to find it.

The new baseline includes items from all design parts that are owned by, or used by, the design part.

The parent part specification has the following format:


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