Actioning Baseline Items


Use this operation to action items in a baseline to a new lifecycle state.

Action item to next state to action the items to a valid next state.
Action items to any state to action the items to a lifecycle state without a valid transition.

To action baseline items:

  1. Select the baseline.

  2. Select Baseline | Action | Baseline Items.

  3. In the Action Baseline Items dialog box, change the Item Specification Filter, if necessary. You can use the following wildcards in this field:

  4. From the New Status list, select the next status for the items.

  5. NOTE  If you do not have the Action baselines to any state privilege, the new status must be reached from the current status by a single normal lifecycle transition. If you leave the New Status field blank, Dimensions CM automatically selects the next normal lifecycle status.

  6. For Action description, optionally type a comment.

  7. Click the OK button.

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