The Primary Build Execution Monitor

NOTE  For information about the templates and template symbols referred to below, see the Developer’s Reference.

On mainframe platforms the Primary Batch Execution Monitor (PBEM) is a utility that controls, monitors, and reports results for builds that are initiated by Dimensions Build. On distributed platforms the PBEM run scripts for builds that are initiated by Dimensions Build. When running in a distributed environment the PBEM uses the templater to synchronously start sub tasks.

The PBEM receives input data from Dimensions Build in XML format in a Build Request Definition (BRD) file. The BRD file contains global information and a list of build steps to be executed. The BRD file is arranged as a symbol table, and a collection of sub-symbol tables for each build step. The BRD initiates, and communicates with, sub tasks to execute the build steps. Steps may have dependencies between them; the PBEM is responsible for managing the step dependency analysis and only starts steps when their dependent steps have completed.

The PBEM sends output data to the build server, via a SOAP utility, when:

The generalized PBEM flow is as follows:

In normal operations the PBEM is initiated by REXEC processing in the Dimensions listener service, however you can also run it as a stand alone application.

Running the PBEM

Running the PBEM

Dimensions Configuration Symbols