Starting the SBEM from USS

You can also start the SBEM from a USS prompt, which can be useful when you use scripts. For example:

export  DMWORKOPT=-w "//'MY.DATASET(S%%05d)'"


# Use the common dimensions profile


. /serena/instance/.dmprofile


# - -r returns the rc so that the script has the execution rc returned

# - -o $ puts the sBem print to stdout

# - -w identifies a dataset pattern (e.g. 'FOO.A.CNTL(S%%05d)') for data storage


sbem -i $ -o $ -r $DMWORKOPT <<EOF

jcl goes here


export rc = $?

exit $rc

There is a similar template,, in the instance templates library that allows JCL to be sent as part of an REXEC and executed synchronously.