PBEM Parameters

Use the following parameters on distributed and mainframe platforms:

IMPORTANT!  Apart from the -m and -M parameters, all other parameters are not case-sensitive.




Specifies that the default allocator will be used.

-b <brdname>

Specifies the name of the BRD file to be processed.

-c <number>

Sets the maximum concurrency allowed for this execution where <number> is a decimal number. 0 or 1 force no concurrency and any template requests for concurrent execution are ignored.

If you use a number that exceeds the maximum number of queued connection requests that TCP/IP can accommodate, processing errors will occur.

-d <symbol> <value>

Sets <symbol> to the value that you specify for <value>. Use a pair of double quotation marks ("") to surround values that include spaces. For example:

-d DMFOO "last used"


Dumps symbol tables at strategic points.


Traces director processing.


Traces storage allocations and frees.


Traces message management logic.


Ignores the symbol DMSERVER in a BRD file so that a BRD can be run standalone.


Traces parse processing.


Causes queues to be dumped at strategic points.

-t <output spec>

Specifies where to deliver the trace output. Use $ for stdout. On MVS you can use DD:DDNAME.


Prints versions of components.