Phase 3: The PBEM

On UNIX, the PBEM (Primary Batch Execution Monitor) runs as a normal program (pbem.exe) using the current security credentials.

On MVS a batch job is submitted. The job runs under the security of the ’dmlibsrv’ process.

NOTE  You can change the job card. For example, you can set up RACF surrogate authority, but this happens outside of Dimensions Build, and also applies to non-build jobs. The process is similar to the build user logging in to TSO/ISPF, using the editor on some JCL, and then typing SUBMIT. The job would probably run as the logged in user. However, it may run as someone else. For example you may have put USER=XXX in the job card. You may also have a JES exit, or a RACF rule that says jobs matching a certain standard (for example JOBNAME), should run as a particular user.


You can customize the jobcards that build steps and the controlling PBEM use by changing their templates. For example, for a normal build step, the jobcard is found at the top of the SBEM template, TEMPLATE(MDHBSBEM0). The jobcard for the PBEM is in TEMPLATE(MDHBPBM0). There are many template expansion variables available to allow a flexible scheme for naming the jobs. For details of the template variables see The Templating Language and Processor chapter of the Developer’s Reference