Dimensions and Build Area Accounts

For a remote node the Dimensions userid does not matter as the REXEC always supplies the build area credentials.

NOTE  There are variables of the form DMXXXXX that have Dimensions information but these do not affect security. These variables exist to enable a template to create correctly named files and logs. The template writer can decide whether to use these variables, or use some other naming standard. For example, a mainframe template could create a data set called "DMSYS.TEMP.XXX", where DMSYS is an uppercase version of the Dimensions user. However, this is just a name. The process will not be run as DMSYS, unless that is also the credential on the build area. For this to work, the area credentials will require access to create these data sets.

TIP  The Dimensions userid and password are typically case sensitive. The RACF user and password are typically case insensitive. JCL dataset names have to be uppercase. To avoid problems, enter the MVS USER and PASSWORD in uppercase. However, if you are referring to the UNIX home directory, use lower case. (there is a template function to do this conversion)