Scheduler Service Configuration Dialog Box

The Scheduler Service Configuration Dialog Box allows you to configure the credentials for running the scheduler service.

Type the required credentials. Use the same values as the one that you used to log in to the Administration Console. You can also specify the credentials of another user but you must verify that they have sufficient privileges to run a service.

To restart the Scheduler Service after applying the new or modified credentials, select the Start after update check box.


The Scheduler Service does not restart if Tomcat is restarted

If you restart the Tomcat server the service that controls scheduling does not restart. To automatically restart the scheduling service every time that Tomcat restarts, edit the scheduler.start variable in the following file:

<DMROOT>\Common Tools\tomcat\5.5\webapps\bws\WEB-INF\web.xml

Edit the param-value of the scheduler.start variable so that it is set to "1" or "true" and check that this init-param is uncommented.

If you are using a remote build server Dimensions Build may not be able to distinguish between multiple IP addresses. Specify the following variables in the file web.xml: