Locating Temporary Files

To locate the temporary files do the following:

  1. After running a build, the Build Execution Statuses dialog box should be visible. Click the See Launch Log icon:

  2. The View Launch Attempt Log dialog box appears.

  3. Scroll to the bottom of the Launch Attempt Log dialog box. You will see a message similar to this:

  4. Passing the template for execution

    cmd = cmd /c C:\DOCUME~1\dmsys\LOCALS~1\Temp\TPL1B6~3.BAT >"C:\DOCUME~1\dmsys\LOCALS~1\Temp\tpl2b64-2.tmp" 2>&1

    Template processing and submission complete: no errors

  5. Note the location of the .BAT and .TMP files and navigate to this directory. This location is controlled by the DM_TMP variable in dm.cfg.

  6. NOTE  On Windows, the directory Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings is a hidden directory. You will have to show hidden files and folders to see it.

  7. Locate the files with the extension .BAT and .TMP. (The exact names of the files are different each time.) You may need to compare the files with similar files from an build that succeeded.