Importing Ant Buildfiles into a Build Configuration


Follow this procedure to import an Ant buildfile into Dimensions CM. After the buildfile is successfully imported, the Ant targets are added to the build configuration.

To import an Ant buildfile into a build configuration:

  1. In Dimensions Build, select Build Management.

  2. Create a new build configuration to receive the imported Ant buildfile.

  3. In the content pane, in the Build Targets section, click Launch Import Wizard.

  4. The Import Wizard appears. On the left side of the wizard there are links to four pages:

    By default, the Select Import Type page is displayed.

  5. On the Select Import Type page, select Ant build configuration (build.xml) file.

  6. NOTE  An Ant build configuration file need not be named build.xml, of course, but for the sake of convenience, the prompt uses the name build.xml.

    Click Next. The Choose File wizard page appears.

  7. On the Choose File page, in the Select Ant build configuration file field, do one of the following:

  8. Click Next. The Parameters page appears.

  9. The Parameters page displays the following information:

  10. Select the targets that you want to import. Use the triple check mark to select all targets.

  11. Click Next. The Confirm page appears.

  12. On the Confirm page review the details of the targets that you are going to create.

  13. NOTE  If there are details you wish to edit, you will be able to do that from within Dimensions CM.

  14. Click Finish. The dialog box displays a brief confirmation, and then the imported targets appear in the content pane.

  15. Check in the build configuration to preserve the imported targets.