Editing the Transition Script of an Imported Ant Target


Follow this procedure to edit the transition script for a target imported from an Ant buildfile. Note that this is not the same as editing the Ant buildfile itself, and that the buildfile is still needed to build the targets that were imported from it.

To edit the transition script of a target imported from an Ant buildfile:

  1. Select the Build Management tab if it is not selected already.

  2. Expand the Dimensions Projects tree until the navigation pane shows the build configuration to which the Ant targets were imported.

  3. Select the desired build configuration.

  4. Check out the build configuration if it is not checked out already.

  5. Expand the build configuration until the individual targets are visible in the navigation pane. You cannot edit the transition script unless you can see the individual targets in the Dimensions Projects tree.

  6. Select the target whose transition script you wish to edit. The Transition Details section becomes visible in the content pane.

  7. In the content pane, in the Transition Details section, click Edit Build Script.

  8. The Edit Transition Script dialog box appears. The Script Content field displays the transition script. For example:

    ant -buildfile "build.xml" "create-manifest"

  9. Edit the transition script as desired.

  10. NOTE  Be careful editing the transition script. If you break the connection between the target and the Ant buildfile, Dimensions CM will lose the ability to build the target.

  11. Check in the build configuration to save the edited target.