Editing Details of the Imported Targets


Follow this procedure to edit details of targets imported from an Ant buildfile. For example, you may wish to edit small details such as the description. You may also want to inspect the transition script, as each target will still depend on the Ant buildfile.

To edit details of targets imported from an Ant buildfile:

  1. Select the Build Management tab if it is not selected already.

  2. Expand the Dimensions Projects tree until the tree area shows the build configuration to which the Ant targets were imported.

  3. Select the build configuration. You should be able to see the imported targets. Verify that the new targets were added to your list of build targets.

  4. Check out the build configuration if it is not checked out already.

  5. Click the name of the target you wish to edit. The Edit Build Target dialog box appears.

  6. Edit the target details as desired. Click OK to accept the dialog box.

  7. Check in the modified build configuration.

NOTE  Any changes to the name or description of the target will display only in Dimensions CM and will not affect the Ant buildfile itself.