Setting up your MVS Build Environment

Setting up builds on z/OS mainframes can be a complicated and lengthy process. Serena recommends that you follow the steps below to set up your z/OS build environment:

  1. Check that the following software is installed and configured:

  2. On your z/OS mainframe do the following:

  3. NOTE  Any managed build areas that you set up should be allocated under a security protected ID that the average Dimensions user does not have write access to. This precaution is necessary to protect the integrity of the data contained in the build areas.

  4. (Optional) If you are adding items from a PC to a z/OS mainframe and want automatic allocation of data sets, check that the Dimensions configuration file on the z/OS mainframe, MDH.V1010.MDHPARM(MDHTDCFG), has the correct defaults to create data sets by LLQ (low level qualifier). For details see the Dimensions for z/OS User's and Administrator's Guide. Serena recommends that you perform step 2 above to ensure proper data set sizing for each item type.