Search Paths

A search path is a collection of areas on a single logical node, with the first element of the search path being the area the build is to be performed in. All elements of the search path must be deployment areas except the first. The areas appear in the same order as the Global Stage Lifecycle (GSL), starting with either the GSL level of the deployment area being used for the build,

If you are using a build engine that supports search paths, such as Openmake or the Serena mainframe build engine, set up search paths in Dimensions Build to do the following:

  1. Attach your deployment areas to your Dimensions project (for details see the Process Configuration Guide).

  2. Attach your deployment areas to your build configuration, see Managing Dimensions Build Configurations.

  3. Set the DMPATH variable in your build template to list the search paths. The Openmake and mainframe templates supplied with Dimensions will honor those search paths.

For details about integrating with Openmake see Using Dimensions Build with Openmake.

For details about the Serena mainframe build utility see Dimensions Build Utility Programs.

For details about build templates see the Developer’s Reference.