Dimensions Build is a build management, execution, and monitoring tool that is part of Serena┬« Dimensions┬« CM. Dimensions Build enables you to execute builds from the Build Administration Console in the Dimensions CM Administration Console, or from the Dimensions desktop, web, and ISPF clients. For information about building from these clients see the User's Guide and the Dimensions for z/OS User's and Administrator's Guide.

Supported Platforms

Dimensions Build runs on all major Dimensions CM supported platforms: Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Linux, and z/OS mainframe (MVS and USS). For a complete list of supported platforms see the readme file that accompanies this release.

Build Engines

Dimensions Build is build engine independent and integrates with third-party engines on distributed and mainframe platforms.

On the distributed side build managers can use their preferred third-party build engine such as Apache Ant or Serena ChangeMan Builder (Openmake). Dimensions Build integrates with those tools and can import Openmake target definition files and Ant XML build configuration files.

On the mainframe side Dimensions Build natively supports the Serena mainframe build utility that is installed with Dimensions for z/OS. For more information see Dimensions Build Utility Programs.

Versioning and Repeating Builds

You can create multiple versions of build configurations and repeat these builds whenever you want. Each version of a build configuration includes the following information:

For more information see Managing Dimensions Build Configurations.


Scheduling Builds

You can schedule the execution of builds to suit your build paradigm. When you set up a scheduled build job you specify the build configuration and version that will be executed, the targets, the build area, and the start time. You can also specify the frequency at which a build reoccurs. For more information see Scheduling Dimensions Build Jobs.

Monitoring Builds

You can monitor the status of builds that are currently running and view the history of completed builds. For each build event you can view the expanded script used to build the step, the output log of link and compile listings for the target, and the error log (if applicable). For more information see Monitoring Builds in the Build Administration Console.


You can create and subscribe to e-mail notifications that update you about the progress of your build jobs. For more information see Managing Notifications.

Integration with Dimensions CM

Dimensions CM performs the following functions for Dimensions Build:

Build Administration

Dimensions Build is administered in the Build Administration Console of the Dimensions CM Administration Console. For more information about the user interface see Overview of the Build Administration Console User Interface.