Build Area Locations

You can associate one or more build areas with each build configuration. You can locate build areas on:

A Dimensions agent is required on each machine hosting a build area, for details see the Installation Guide for Windows.

On a mainframe machine you can have multiple logical MVS and USS nodes, each running a Dimensions agent. For information about setting up mainframe physical and logical nodes see the Dimensions for z/OS User's and Administrator's Guide.

For information about setting up physical and logical nodes all other platforms see the Process Configuration Guide.


On mainframes there are frequently multiple LPARs where each can:

IMPORTANT!  A single IP address cannot connect to a collection of listeners over multiple LPARs.

Manipulation of storage by a listener is only dependent on the physical accessibility of that storage by the LPAR that the listener is executing on. There are also catalog structure and security issues associated with using an LPAR to manage arbitrary storage.