To enable the build optimizer to work properly, set the symbol ’DM_MVS_TZ’ to the time zone that the mainframe is in. For more details see the section Customizing Variables in the Dimensions Configuration File in the chapter Installing Dimensions for z/OS in the Dimensions for z/OS User's and Administrator's Guide.



Use this build option to specify a pattern string for temporary file names. You can insert values into this string to create unique names. When you use this option in MDHTDCFG you must use the ’%’ symbol twice to defeat replacement processing.

Note: The Secondary Build Execution Monitor (SBEM) -g option uses the pattern that you specify and overrides the value in MDHTDCFG. See SBEM Parameters.

Possible Values

  • %u: MVS userid

  • %z: Unique symbolic value that is suitable as a data set qualifier. The maximum size is 7 bytes. Is unique only to the second within a century. See DMUNIQUE.

  • %j: JES job number

  • %s: Sequence number

  • %t: Name of temporary file from JCL.

Default Value