Editing Notification Templates


Follow this procedure to edit an existing notification template.

To edit a notification template:

  1. In Dimensions Build click the Notifications tab. In the navigation pane click Notifications and click Templates. In the menu or content pane click the name of the notification template that you want to edit.

  2. In the content pane click Edit Notification Template Information.

  3. The Edit Notification Template dialog box appears.

  4. For Template modify the name of this notification template.

  5. For Subject modify the subject of this notification template. To add a pre-defined variable do the following:

  6. a    Place the cursor where you want to add the variable.

    b    Click Insert Variable. The Insert Notification Variable to the Field dialog box appears.

    c     From the Variable Name field select a variable. The content of the variable is displayed in the Preview field. The Description field briefly describes the variable.

    d    Click OK.

    TIP  After you have inserted variables you can add freeform text anywhere in the field. You can also cut and paste variables if you want to rearrange their order.

  7. For Message modify the message for this notification template. Add pre-defined variables and HTML formatting tags if required.

  8. Click OK. The details of the notification template are updated in the content pane.

Copying Notification Templates

Deleting Notification Templates