Configuring the Notification Service


Follow this procedure to create or modify the parameters required to use an SMTP server to send email notifications.

To configure the Notification Service:

  1. In Dimensions Build click the Notifications tab.

  2. In the navigation pane click Notifications. In the menu area click Notification. The Notification Service Configuration dialog box appears.

  3. For Host type the name of the node hosting the email server that will send the notifications.

  4. For Port type the port number that the email server is listening on.

  5. For Hello host type the string required to establish a connection through the SMTP protocol.

  6. For User type the name of a user that can access the email server.

  7. For Password type the password for the user that you specified in the previous step. For Confirm Password retype the password.

  8. From the Authentication list select one of the following SMTP server authentication methods:

  9. NOTE  If you select <none> you do not need to specify a user and password.

  10. For Sender Mail type the email address from who the notification emails will be sent.

  11. For Sender Name type the name that will appear in the From field in the notification emails.

  12. For Available Event Types ensure the event types are defined, for example: START_BUILD,END_BUILD,MSGE

  13. Click OK.

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